Chemistry and Biochemistry

Stepping Up

Posted: Nov 13, 2020

Chem Stores assistant manager Todd Fluckiger received university-wide recognition for his outstanding teamwork on behalf of the BYU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.

Created by BYU’s Presidential Council, Staff and Administrative Employee Recognition Awards (SAERA) honor BYU staff for contributing to their department’s excellence. With the purpose of fostering BYU as an exceptionally productive and fulfilling workplace, BYU encourages faculty members, supervisors, and co-workers to nominate employees for a number of categories: accountability, competency, customer service, innovation, integrity, respect, and teamwork. 

It was for this last category, teamwork, that Chem Stores manager Matthew Allen nominated Fluckiger.

“Less than a year ago, Todd’s job description was modified to help Chem Stores with some much-needed assistance… this new role added to his position as a purchaser for the [Department]. Shortly after these increased responsibilities, we had another assistant manager leave suddenly,” Allen explained. “Todd without hesitation or question stepped up to fill… the gap… Todd has been crucial in helping maintain work for [our] student employees and fostering an attitude of teamwork amongst us all.”

Fluckiger was also requisite to the success of the University Chemical Inventory project, which buys, distributes, and accounts for the location and handling of chemicals all across the BYU campus.

“He wasn’t involved too much during the development [of the project], but quickly filled in and learned what needed to be done to make the project work,” said Allen. “Of his own accord, Todd… developed a working knowledge of the software and technologies utilized for this project.

“I am very happy for Todd,” Allen continued. “He has worked very hard and is very deserving of this award.”

Fluckiger worked in the Chem Stores when he was a student at BYU. After graduation, he took a full-time role as purchaser and de facto assistant manager, meaning he effectively runs the Stores’ day-to-day operations. On a more comprehensive level, Fluckiger’s work directly involves him with projects with impacts stretching all the way from the Stores to the Chemistry Department to all of campus.

“I feel very grateful to work with great colleagues all around, and I appreciate the recognition,” said Fluckiger.

Fluckiger lives in Provo area with his wife, Shawna. On most weekdays, he can be found working in the Chem Stores in 126 Nicholes Building (NICB).

Pictured in the above photo is Mr. Todd Fluckiger. This photo was taken by BYU Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry reporter Sydney Jezik, who also wrote this article.